Friday, 22 April 2011

Skiing, Chamonix, the French alps.

A recent ski holiday to the French alps has inspired me to (attempt to) replicate some of the brilliant traditional French ski posters and postcards that you see in all the wonderfully tacky gift shops.

The posters are simple, yet so effective. Limited, bright colours, with eye-catching bold shapes and typography - I think these are awesome. So I've had a crack at re-creating one of these with my little colour co-ordinated skier. I also plan on doing a series, and if I can produce anything half as striking as the originals, I will be happy.

Here is number one...

Skiing, Chamonix, the French alps.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ejectorseat Arts Festival 2011.

This year I have been asked to produce all of the imagery for The Ejectorseat Arts Festival 2011.

With 40+ pieces of imagery already completed, keep an eye on this blog for more drawings and more posters assembled from my illustrations, by the nice chaps over at the Johnny Toaster Graphic Design Agency.

The festival is to be held in Southampton's Palmerston Park on Saturday June 4th, and will bring a wealth of talent together, including: illustrators, artists, musicians, filmmakers, craftspeople and much more.

Ejectorseat says...

This summer the annual free EjectorSeat Arts Festival will return to Southampton’s city centre. Taking place on the 4th of June 2011, it will transform Palmerston Park into a creative hive of artistic activity.
The event will begin at 12pm and run until 10pm, bringing back more of the same great music, arts, crafts and festivities from last year with some fantastic new additions.

This year, the festival hopes to build upon previous success for an even bigger and better event for the city. Mac Ince, Co-Founder of EjectorSeat, says “We are still charged by last year’s success, and are using this momentum to build an even bigger and better festival for this year.”

Keep your eyes on the Ollie Stone Illustration blog for more images and news.

Alternatively visit the Facebook events page, here:

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Holiday time.

Tomorrow morning I escape the swirling storm of chaos that my world is rapidly becoming. I'm going skiing, and it's going to be good.

During this little holiday my 'creative' brain will turn to photography, and in particular, photographing a little toy (this toy has not yet been purchased, but I hope it to be a dinosaur or snowman) in random places throughout my trip.
Upon returning I plan to turn these photos into illustrations and create a travel journal of sorts... I might even draw on the cast that protects the bone, that I might break...

Stay tuned readers...

Monday, 4 April 2011

Final Creaturemag Image. It's a New York creature.

Today my last illustration for Creaturemag made its way into the pages of their brilliant website.
Many thanks to Matt Witt and for playing host to my strange array of images - It has been brilliantly fun.

Don't forget to keep checking for regular creative brilliance. It's awesome.

This fellow is the New York Creature.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Creaturemag final image.

Tomorrow will show the last image I will be contributing to Creaturemag. I know, sad, but true.

After almost a year of posting little monsters doing random and sometimes controversial things, I feel it is time to call it a day and pass the 'Freak of the Week' mantle onto another lucky soul.

Tune in tomorrow, for creature-tastic-ness.